Birds of Prey – Howell (MI) Nature Center

The Howell Nature Center in lower Michigan rescues injured birds of prey and other wild animals and invites the public to meet them. Today, I had the opportunity to photograph their birds.  The Nature Center offers an array of wildlife education programs and today’s photo shoot was my introduction to their services.  Nature Center staff did a terrific job of explaining the background of the birds, how they came to the center, and their habits and habitat in the wild.

Birds of Prey: Barn Owl

“Gillie” – Captive barn owl photographed at the Howell, MI Nature Center

My Favorite Birds of Prey

We had the opportunity to work with several species of birds of prey, including various owls, a Harlan hawk, and a kestrel.  Truth be told, it is hard to pick a favorite, but if I had to pick one, it was the kestrel pictured below.  He was the most active of the birds we saw today.  You can see all of today’s birds in my bird gallery.

Birds of Prey: Kestrel

“Horace” – Captive kestrel photographed at the Howell, MI Nature Center

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