Surfing at 400 mm and more

Surfing at Banzai Pipeline

The Banzai Pipeline on Oahu’s North Shore, is one of the best surfing spots in the world, with waves reaching up to 30 feet (~9 meters).  That’s in the winter months from November through February. I got there in March, well after the international surfing competitions were over, and well after the big waves.  It was amateur time in the six- to eight-foot waves – that worked for me because it was amateur time behind the lens.  I had rented a 400 mm f/2.8 for a day to learn what longer focal length shooting was all about. But, it wasn’t just […]

Moose Peterson and Nikon D800

Moose Peterson wrote a great commentary on the D800 on his blog, and it got me to thinking about the reasons I purchased the camera this past summer as an upgrade from my D300. I am fully in sync with his comments about the megapixels.  I wasn’t looking to triple my megapixels.  As he points out, I am not going to print many 24″ x 30″ prints, which he considers the smallest prints that should come from the camera.  And, the larger file sizes both consume more disk and start to tax my computer, which is not a lightweight (iMac […]

Sacred Lotus

Sacred Lotus - Bartram Gardens

I have made many attempts to photograph an American Lotus in the “wild”, but have found it difficult to find a pristine specimen within reach of a 500 mm focal length.  Instead, I have had much better luck with the Sacred Lotus which can be found in locations such as the Chicago Botanical Garden, or in the Philadelphia’s Bartram’s Garden where this image was taken. John Bartram was a Quaker farmer in the 18th century.  According to the John Bartram Association, he was “America’s first great botanist.” This particular specimen was found in a small pond just off the trail […]

Scio Church Road Barn Window

Scio Church Barn Window

I have an old car that I seldom use.  So today, a beautiful fall day, I decided to take it our for a drive in the country to charge the battery.  Not two miles from my house is this red barn, and it caught my eye with the sun fully on it.  It’s not the first time I’ve seen it and thought about photographing it, but today I was able to come back later in the afternoon and grab a few shots.  I have this thing about windows, so that is what I’ve chosen to show here. You can see […]

Hessian Soldier

Hessian Soldier

My wife excels at finding antiques that fit into the house well.  How about this Hessian Soldier?  It’s one of a pair mounted to the andirons in our fireplace.  Lit by firelight from the left and a bit behind, with fill light provided by a dim room light 15 feet away. Nikon D800, NikKor 18-200 mm DX @ 105mm 10s, f/8, ISO 800

Ohio Barn

When driving my daughter to the College of Wooster, in Wooster, Ohio, we noticed these barns with unique window casings and louvers.  After four years of the Ann Arbor-to-Wooster commute, I ran out of time to capture even one of these barns.  Graduation weekend, just past, provided my final opportunity to grab a photograph.  We’ve had an extremely wet spring, here, as elsewhere this year, so I was pleased for a break in the rain to allow a photo opening on a fog-ridden morning. Nikon D300, Nikkor 70-200mm + 1.7 teleconvertor @ 340mm 1/800 s, f/5.6, ISO 800

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