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The Magic of Morning Light

Andy, a colleague of mine, asked me my favorite time of day to take photos. Without hesitation, I said “give me morning light”.  Wait a minute!  I hate getting up early in the morning!  But when I do pull myself out of bed, I find tremendous opportunities to capture images warmed by the low morning sun.  The same holds true of low evening sun.  Yet, […]

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Not the Last of the Snow

I had a day off last week and I thought I’d capture the last of winter’s pristine snow in my back yard.  My timing was great because we’ve been thawing over the past several days after I caught these shadows.  But, I was wrong, we have more pristine white stuff coming our way starting with rain tomorrow followed by anywhere from 2 to 9 inches […]

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American Winter

This started out as a test photo of the fire hydrant just down the street from my house.  A bit of bright color amongst the otherwise muted tones of winter.  I had a new budget lens (all photographers lust for new lenses) and wanted to get a feel if it was at least as good as its bargain basement price.  So, I was just clicking […]

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D800 ISO Tests

How good is the Nikon D800 sensor at high ISO?  That is, how bad is its noise?  I thought I’d take a gander and setup across from a bookshelf at the top of our stairs.  The light was all household incandescent ceiling lamps, so nothing special.  I had my white balance set for “Auto 2”, which is a new (at least to me) setting that […]

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