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A Hike to Manoa Falls, Oahu 2018

This week, I hiked to Manoa Falls, north of Waikiki, a much-touted tourist destination for waterfall enthusiasts.  Like many of Oahu’s natural sites, the falls is reached by driving deep into a residential area that backs on mountainous hillside.  From there, a .8 mile hike takes you up about 800 feet to the 90-foot waterfall and its small pool. I hiked to Manoa Falls during mid-day when the […]

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Watkins Glen – The Gorge, Not the Raceway

Watkins Glen, NY, at the southern tip of Seneca Lake, has been known to auto racing fans as a premier NASCAR racing track, having originally opened in 1948 as a Formula 1 track.  I know nothing about that, as my interest lies in a much, much older attraction, the 400-foot deep gorge cut by Glen Creek, starting some 12,000 years ago.  Lauded by Mark Twain in […]

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Oahu, Hawaii 2017

We had a much different trip to Hawaii this year, with an agenda less focused (for me) on photography.  We brought friends with us and enjoyed the opportunity to show them around Oahu.  That, coupled with an unusual amount of rain and my sleeping in more, meant I had to make my photo moments count. Oahu North Shore As with every trip, I try to […]

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West Michigan Lighthouses and Sand Dunes

  I had a busy photographic summer, starting with a June trip to the West Michigan town of Ludington, MI with members of the A2 Shutterbugs Meetup and then ending with a September trip to South Haven, MI with a new friend from that first meetup.  The goal of the first trip was lighthouses and sand dunes; for the second, the South Haven light. I can’t […]

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Elmwood Cemetery: Introducing the Grave Guardians

I visited Elmwood Cemetery this past weekend with a couple of friends.  While there, one of them was excited to learn that Bear Bryant’s grave was in the cemetery.  Who wouldn’t want to take a picture of a famous football coach’s tombstone (Bear would have been 103 – he was born on 9/11/1913).  The website gave precise coordinates, down to three decimal places – pretty cool!  He […]

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Sandhill Cranes Nesting in Michigan

It had been five years since I first photographed sandhill cranes returning in the evening to their nesting site in Mud Lake Marsh.  This was at the Phyllis Haehnle Memorial Sanctuary near Jackson, Michigan, a Michigan Audubon Society preserve.  That was my first real exposure to photographing birds in the wild … if you exclude seagulls. Getting Started This year, National Photography Workshops in Ann Arbor arranged […]

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Fall Color After All

Last week, I carped that this has been a bad year for shooting fall color.  But, quite by accident I found that the reality was I was looking in the wrong places.  I don’t mean to say that I found a grove of wonderfully-tinted trees at peak color – it’s getting pretty late for that.  Instead, while trying out a new lens, I learned that I […]

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Finding Fall Leaves

I found it a bit challenging for shooting fall leaves in Ann Arbor this year.  Maybe it was me, but peak color waited for a frost that never came, and then the colors peaked at different times, followed by wind that blew leaves off of trees much more quickly than in past years. Here we are in November and we haven’t had a hard frost, and our days […]

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Koko Crater. It’s Only 1048 steps…

It’s only 1048 steps to the top of Koko Crater on Oahu, which gives you terrific view of the island.  That’s Diamond Head in the distance, as seen across Maunalua Bay.  The residential area known as Hawaii Kai is in the foreground.  Great view, even on this hazy day. You may be thinking, as I did, that 1048 steps is not so many – maybe like walking […]

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Hawaii Sunset Cruise

My daughter and her boyfriend gave my me and my wife a sunset cruise for tonight.  Great experience! When the weather here in Hawaii is beautiful, you don’t see dramatic sunsets, not that watching an intense orange orb sink into the sea isn’t pretty.  But, when a few clouds roll in, drama ensues.  We got a little drama tonight while out on the water. Of […]

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Boston Public Garden

Just a bit of fun here.  Most people who want to show their pictures with a classic frame around them would layer one on with software.  On the other hand, how often do you find a frame parked in a scenic location just waiting to be filled with an image?  That’s just what happened here.  While I was surveying the possibilities and deciding which way […]

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Argo Cascades in Winter

The day before this February shot, Ann Arbor had received 16 inches of light, white snow.  The morning promised to be clear and sunny, so I arrived at the office early and trudged the few hundred yards across the railroad tracks and Argo dam to explore the options.  With the sun up, but barely reaching through the trees, I was drawn in by the ice […]

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Argo Cascades

Down the road and across the railroad tracks from my office is Ann Arbor’s Argo Dam. A year ago, the city built a series of cascading pools that allow kayakers, canoeists, and tubers to bypass the dam and continue down the river.  After work today, I walked over to the Argo Cascades to see what I could pick up with the warm, low autumn light. […]

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Winter Survivor

Three weeks ago, or so, I joined my first Ann Arbor Shutterbugs meetup, led by local photographer Frank Kaelin.  He took us to the Nan Weston Nature Preserve at Sharon Hollow, northwest of Manchester, MI.  I would never have known of this location if it weren’t for the meetup, which highlights the advantage of sharing your hobbies with others.  Groups like this, and the southeast Michigan […]

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Not the Last of the Snow

I had a day off last week and I thought I’d capture the last of winter’s pristine snow in my back yard.  My timing was great because we’ve been thawing over the past several days after I caught these shadows.  But, I was wrong, we have more pristine white stuff coming our way starting with rain tomorrow followed by anywhere from 2 to 9 inches […]

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