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Elmwood Cemetery: Introducing the Grave Guardians

I visited Elmwood Cemetery this past weekend with a couple of friends.  While there, one of them was excited to learn that Bear Bryant’s grave was in the cemetery.  Who wouldn’t want to take a picture of a famous football coach’s tombstone (Bear would have been 103 – he was born on 9/11/1913).  The website gave precise coordinates, down to three decimal places – pretty cool!  He […]

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A Day in London – Fountains and Monuments

Public art creates wonderful photo opportunities.  When you look at the images, though, you have to ask, “Who is the real artist?”  Credit naturally goes to the sculptor, painter, ceramicist, or other artist.  We photographers can only hope to give a view that reflects positively on their artwork, either by providing a compelling view, highlighting detail, or creating an abstraction.  In these images, I’ve leant […]

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