Photo53 – A Path to Improved Photography

Welcome to Photo53.

Photo53 photographer Lloyd BloomHi. I’m Lloyd Bloom, and I’ve had a terrific time making photographs for all my adult life, mostly working in isolation from other photographers. My pictures had been for me, family, and a few select friends. That was enough fun for me as a hobbyist, but it didn’t help me improve my photography.

In recent years, I’ve started sharing my work in less comfortable audiences and have spent more time looking at other photographer’s work through photo meet ups, such as the A2 Shutterbugs photography meetup in Ann Arbor, MI. By reaching outside my comfort zone, and sharing with a wider audience, I am beginning to learn approaches and techniques that I wouldn’t have considered otherwise. And, guess what – I’m having more fun and I’m producing better images.

What I hope to do with this site is show select images that non-photographer and photographer friends alike can enjoy.  Maybe share a story behind the photos for all viewers, and then include a few technical details for those photo53 readers that care to know.

Photo53 – July 2016 Update

I just returned from a weekend photo meetup/excursion to lighthouses and dunes around Ludington, MI, on the western shore of Lake Michigan.  I hope to share a few of my photos from the trip on my blog, but meanwhile thought that I’d share a current photo of me taken by my newly-found friend Lucia Cooper, whom I met via the meet up.  Don’t you like how she makes me look like I know what I am doing?

Lloyd Bloom - by Lucia Cooper of A2 Shutterbugs meetup

From Lucia Cooper of A2 Shutterbugs Meetup