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Elmwood Cemetery: Introducing the Grave Guardians

I visited Elmwood Cemetery this past weekend with a couple of friends.  While there, one of them was excited to learn that Bear Bryant’s grave was in the cemetery.  Who wouldn’t want to take a picture of a famous football coach’s tombstone (Bear would have been 103 – he was born on 9/11/1913).  The website gave precise coordinates, down to three decimal places – pretty cool!  He […]

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The Magic of Morning Light

Andy, a colleague of mine, asked me my favorite time of day to take photos. Without hesitation, I said “give me morning light”.  Wait a minute!  I hate getting up early in the morning!  But when I do pull myself out of bed, I find tremendous opportunities to capture images warmed by the low morning sun.  The same holds true of low evening sun.  Yet, […]

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Long Wharf Fence

  A chilly, grey fall day in Boston.  My wife and daughter have gone their own way down Newbury Street and I have ambled to Long Wharf to seek solace in the wind.  Gulls, boats, and assorted nautical detritus abound, and draw their share of my attention.  But, in recent trips to this town I’ve been drawn to the repetitive patterns of black iron fences […]

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Frozen Barn

Nikon D800, Nikkor 70-200 mm @ 70 mm, 1/13 s, f/11, ISO 800 Driving home this afternoon, the late afternoon sky was a dramatic mix of low orange sun burning into the otherwise gray clouds amidst swirling flurries.  Boy, that was inspiring! Of course, by the time I got home, grabbed my gear, and got to the perfect location, the moment was long past.  I hunkered […]

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