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Ropey Pahoehoe on a Tree? In a cemetery?

It was my third trip to Elmwood Cemetery.  I had packed my gear and was just about to get in my car when I looked up at the tree I was parked next to. Ropey pahoehoe (pa-hoey-hoey) lava immediately came to mind (although, I confess that I had forgotten its name and had to look it up here).  Though running late, I unpacked my gear […]

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Oahu, Hawaii 2017

We had a much different trip to Hawaii this year, with an agenda less focused (for me) on photography.  We brought friends with us and enjoyed the opportunity to show them around Oahu.  That, coupled with an unusual amount of rain and my sleeping in more, meant I had to make my photo moments count. Oahu North Shore As with every trip, I try to […]

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Elmwood Cemetery: Introducing the Grave Guardians

I visited Elmwood Cemetery this past weekend with a couple of friends.  While there, one of them was excited to learn that Bear Bryant’s grave was in the cemetery.  Who wouldn’t want to take a picture of a famous football coach’s tombstone (Bear would have been 103 – he was born on 9/11/1913).  The website gave precise coordinates, down to three decimal places – pretty cool!  He […]

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