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Sandhill Cranes at Kensington Metropark

Last weekend, my friend Raaj and I ventured to Kensington Metropark in southeast Michigan.  Our goal was to see what we could photograph in overcast, drizzly conditions.  When I entered the park,  a pair of relatively tame sandhill cranes stood off the side of the road.  What an exciting surprise!  I had never been so close to these birds in my other endeavors, and would have stopped to […]

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Cube View

A bit of whimsy and serendipity, this one.  Behind my monitor in my work cube, there is a gap between the panels.  When I glance up from my work I can watch this crane at work lifting the panels and decking for a parking structure down the street.  After weeks of watching the red boom moving in and out of view, and thinking I should […]

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