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D800 ISO Tests

How good is the Nikon D800 sensor at high ISO?  That is, how bad is its noise?  I thought I’d take a gander and setup across from a bookshelf at the top of our stairs.  The light was all household incandescent ceiling lamps, so nothing special.  I had my white balance set for “Auto 2”, which is a new (at least to me) setting that […]

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Moose Peterson and Nikon D800

Moose Peterson wrote a great commentary on the D800 on his blog, and it got me to thinking about the reasons I purchased the camera this past summer as an upgrade from my D300. I am fully in sync with his comments about the megapixels.  I wasn’t looking to triple my megapixels.  As he points out, I am not going to print many 24″ x […]

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Hessian Soldier

My wife excels at finding antiques that fit into the house well.  How about this Hessian Soldier?  It’s one of a pair mounted to the andirons in our fireplace.  Lit by firelight from the left and a bit behind, with fill light provided by a dim room light 15 feet away. Nikon D800, NikKor 18-200 mm DX @ 105mm 10s, f/8, ISO 800

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