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Sandhill Cranes at Kensington Metropark

Last weekend, my friend Raaj and I ventured to Kensington Metropark in southeast Michigan.  Our goal was to see what we could photograph in overcast, drizzly conditions.  When I entered the park,  a pair of relatively tame sandhill cranes stood off the side of the road.  What an exciting surprise!  I had never been so close to these birds in my other endeavors, and would have stopped to […]

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American Winter

This started out as a test photo of the fire hydrant just down the street from my house.  A bit of bright color amongst the otherwise muted tones of winter.  I had a new budget lens (all photographers lust for new lenses) and wanted to get a feel if it was at least as good as its bargain basement price.  So, I was just clicking […]

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Fall Red

A bit of serendipity, here. I had been at the Fall Barn site for nearly an hour, since shortly before sunrise.  I was just starting to pack up and go across the street for some barn close-ups and found this bright red tree behind me.  This is the kind of surprise that makes the early mornings, which are so difficult to awaken for, worthwhile.  I […]

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Cube View

A bit of whimsy and serendipity, this one.  Behind my monitor in my work cube, there is a gap between the panels.  When I glance up from my work I can watch this crane at work lifting the panels and decking for a parking structure down the street.  After weeks of watching the red boom moving in and out of view, and thinking I should […]

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Scio Church Road Barn Window

I have an old car that I seldom use.  So today, a beautiful fall day, I decided to take it our for a drive in the country to charge the battery.  Not two miles from my house is this red barn, and it caught my eye with the sun fully on it.  It’s not the first time I’ve seen it and thought about photographing it, […]

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