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The Magic of Morning Light

Andy, a colleague of mine, asked me my favorite time of day to take photos. Without hesitation, I said “give me morning light”.  Wait a minute!  I hate getting up early in the morning!  But when I do pull myself out of bed, I find tremendous opportunities to capture images warmed by the low morning sun.  The same holds true of low evening sun.  Yet, […]

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Sandhill Cranes Nesting in Michigan

It had been five years since I first photographed sandhill cranes returning in the evening to their nesting site in Mud Lake Marsh.  This was at the Phyllis Haehnle Memorial Sanctuary near Jackson, Michigan, a Michigan Audubon Society preserve.  That was my first real exposure to photographing birds in the wild … if you exclude seagulls. Getting Started This year, National Photography Workshops in Ann Arbor arranged […]

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Argo Cascades in Winter

The day before this February shot, Ann Arbor had received 16 inches of light, white snow.  The morning promised to be clear and sunny, so I arrived at the office early and trudged the few hundred yards across the railroad tracks and Argo dam to explore the options.  With the sun up, but barely reaching through the trees, I was drawn in by the ice […]

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