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Oahu, Hawaii 2017

We had a much different trip to Hawaii this year, with an agenda less focused (for me) on photography.  We brought friends with us and enjoyed the opportunity to show them around Oahu.  That, coupled with an unusual amount of rain and my sleeping in more, meant I had to make my photo moments count. Oahu North Shore As with every trip, I try to […]

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The Magic of Morning Light

Andy, a colleague of mine, asked me my favorite time of day to take photos. Without hesitation, I said “give me morning light”.  Wait a minute!  I hate getting up early in the morning!  But when I do pull myself out of bed, I find tremendous opportunities to capture images warmed by the low morning sun.  The same holds true of low evening sun.  Yet, […]

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Hawaii Sunset Cruise

My daughter and her boyfriend gave my me and my wife a sunset cruise for tonight.  Great experience! When the weather here in Hawaii is beautiful, you don’t see dramatic sunsets, not that watching an intense orange orb sink into the sea isn’t pretty.  But, when a few clouds roll in, drama ensues.  We got a little drama tonight while out on the water. Of […]

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Hawaii 2014 – Day 8

Today was a pool day.  And, it was a no-big-camera day.  Quite the challenge, but I managed with just my iPhone and a 1.5x lens that mounts over the iPhone’s lens.   Above, are the West Maui Mountains as seen from Lahaina. Below, is the island of Lanai, just west of Maui.  “You know you are in paradise when you can sit on one island […]

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