The Magic of Morning Light

Morning Light

Andy, a colleague of mine, asked me my favorite time of day to take photos. Without hesitation, I said “give me morning light”.  Wait a minute!  I hate getting up early in the morning!  But when I do pull myself out of bed, I find tremendous opportunities to capture images warmed by the low morning sun.  The same holds true of low evening sun.  Yet, morning time offers its own special qualities that you’ll find less often in the evening: quiet, reflective water surfaces and fog. Still Water in Morning Light In my post, “Fall Color After All,” all the […]

D800 ISO Tests

How good is the Nikon D800 sensor at high ISO?  That is, how bad is its noise?  I thought I’d take a gander and setup across from a bookshelf at the top of our stairs.  The light was all household incandescent ceiling lamps, so nothing special.  I had my white balance set for “Auto 2”, which is a new (at least to me) setting that is intended to preserve warm tones.  I think the it came out a bit too warm, but it doesn’t really matter for these tests.  I used aperture priority at f/8 for best sharpness (I had tried f/2.8, […]