Those Crazy Rabbits

Rabbits drive us crazy at home.  They eat our flowers and make babies that are just the right size for our dachshund to think he should eat.

At dinner, we sit on our patio and get to watch a rabbit build its nest just 10 feet away – it isn’t scared of us and only hops away if we get within 6 or 8 feet.  If we pick the nest apart, she (or is it the he?) comes right back to build it again.  Here is the latest endeavor, about 45 seconds worth.  It starts with rabbit and its mouthful of grass, then shows the rabbit making its nest comfortable for the next batch of critters (this is the second batch that we know of in the past month).


The rabbit makes a soft, neat nest with our grass.  It’s wonderful until it fills with three or four baby bunnies – dog food!

Rabbit Nest

Rabbit Nest from Our Finest Grass

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